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Driver License
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Kiowa County Clerk & Recorder
P.O. Box 37
Eads, CO 81036


State of Colorado REQUIRES along with your license or ID you must bring an item with your PHYSICAL ADDRESS on it

Examples: Credit card statement, rent receipt, utility bill, phone bill , bank statement

If you have any questions

please call the     

Kiowa County Clerk Office 719.438.5421




 Election News

  1. All elections will be Mail Ballot Elections
  • Beginning July 1, 2013, all General, Primary, Congressional Vacancy, Coordinated, Odd-Year and Recall elections conducted by or coordinated with the County Clerk must be Mail Ballot elections
  1. Establishment of Voter Service and Polling Center (VSPC)
  • Coordinated (odd-year November) and Primary (even-year June) Elections require that counties with fewer than 25,000 active electors maintain one (1) VSPC
  • General Elections (even-year November) require that a minimum number of voter service and polling centers be designated as follows:
  • For counties with fewer than 10,000 active electors: during the period designated for early voting and on election day, at least one (1) VSPC
  • The Kiowa County VSPC will be in the County Clerk’s office at the Kiowa County Courthouse – 1305 Goff Street Eads, Colorado.
  1.  Mail Ballot Drop-off Locations
  • Only counties with at least 25,000 active electors are required to provide stand-alone drop-off locations on the date of a General Election and on the Saturday and Monday immediately preceding the date of a General Election
  • Kiowa County will have one drop-off location for mail ballots:  the County Clerk’s office in the Kiowa County Courthouse, 1305 Goff Street Eads, Colorado
  • Hours of operation:  Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.
  1.  Registration Requirements - Deadlines
  • An elector is permitted to vote in any Primary, Presidential, General, Coordinated, Special Legislative, Municipal, Congressional Vacancy, Special District or other election if he or she timely registers to vote before or on the date of such election
  • An elector may timely register to vote by:
  • Submitting an application through the mail, a voter registration agency, a local driver’s license office, or a voter registration drive NO LATER THAN twenty-two (22) days before the election, unless the twenty-second day is not a Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday, in which case the elector may register the next business day;
  • Registering through a high school registrar;
  • Using the on-line voter registration system through the eighth (8) day prior to an election;
  • Appearing in-person at the county clerk’s office during normal registration hours;
  • Appearing in-person at the Voter Service and Polling Center during normal hours of operation
  1.  Residency Requirements
  • Elector must have resided in the state of Colorado twenty-two (22) days immediately prior to the election at which the person intends to vote
  1.  Definitions:
  • Coordinated Election:  An election where more than one political subdivision with overlapping boundaries or the same electors holds an election on the same day, and the county clerk and recorder is the coordinated election official for the political subdivision
  • Primary Election:  The election held on the last Tuesday in June of each even-numbered year in which the names of the candidates are printed on the ballot along with their affiliation.  Electors must be registered with the political party by the first working day in January of the same year in order to vote for that party’s candidates.  Candidates who win their Primary elections will have their names placed on the General Election ballot to run against candidates of opposing parties 
  • General Election:  The election held on the Tuesday succeeding the first Monday of November in each even-numbered year.  Example: Presidential or Gubernatorial
  • Mail Ballot Election:  An election in which eligible electors receive ballots by mail and vote by returning their ballot via the U.S. Postal Service or depositing it at a Mail Ballot Drop-off Location or the county clerk’s office
Election FAQs
  1. Am I eligible to vote?
In order to determine your eligibility in upcoming elections, you can either visit, or contact the County Clerk’s office at (719) 438-5421, PO Box 37 Eads, Colorado or  You must have lived in the state of Colorado at least twenty-two (22) days prior to the election in order to vote on state and local issues. also has excellent information regarding any election questions you may have.
  1. How do I register?  What’s the deadline?
You have several options when it comes to registering to vote: 
  • You may submit an application through the mail, a voter registration agency, a local driver’s license office, or a voter registration drive NO LATER THAN twenty-two (22) days before the election, unless the twenty-second day is a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday, in which case you have until the next business day following the Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday;
  • You may register through a high school registrar;
  • You may pick up an application at the County Clerk office, but it will need to be mailed to the Kiowa County Clerk, PO Box 37, Eads, CO 81036;
  • You may use the on-line voter registration system at through the eighth (8) day prior to an election;
  • You may appear in-person at the County Clerk’s office during normal registration hours (8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday except for legal holidays); or
  • You may appear in-person at the Voter Service and Polling Center during normal hours of operation.
  1. What’s on the ballot?
Sample ballots are generally available on the website several weeks prior to the election. 
  1. Where do I go to vote?
Since new law (HB13-1303) requires that all elections beginning July 1, 2013, are conducted as mail ballot elections, ballots will be mailed to all active voters at the most current address on file in the voter registration system.  It is the voter’s responsibility to update their address if it changes.
  1. Can I vote on voting equipment even if I got a ballot in the mail?
Disabled Access Units are available in the county clerk’s office at the same time that mail ballots are sent out.  However, if you intend to use this option, you MUST surrender your mail ballot at the time that you come in to vote on the equipment.
  1. How do I know if my record is active?
You must contact the County Clerk’s office to find out if you will automatically receive a ballot in the mail.  Inactive voters are still eligible to vote, but they must request a ballot from the clerk’s office.
  1. What do I do if I don’t receive a ballot in the mail?
Contact the County Clerk’s office and ask if your record is active and what address we have on file for you.  Always make sure your address is updated prior to an election.  Changing your address on your driver’s license or vehicle registration does not automatically change your voter record.
  1. Do I need to provide ID to vote?
Only voters who have “ID” marked on their outer ballot envelope need provide ID with their mail-in ballot.  Please do not place the copy of ID inside the secrecy sleeve with your ballot if you are required to provide ID.
  1. What are the deadlines for military and overseas (UOCAVA) voters to return their ballots?
Ballots from military and overseas voters must be received in the County Clerk’s office no later than eight days after the election, in order to be counted.  Only UOCAVA voters or voters who have received letters due to signature discrepancies are allowed additional time after Election Day.
  1.  What if I forget to sign my ballot envelope or my signature does not match what is on file?
Voters who neglect to sign their envelope or whose signatures do not match the   records in the voter registration system will be contacted either to come in and sign the envelope, or affirm that they did in fact return their ballot.  Often, signatures change over time, and voters should try to remember to sign as closely as possible to the way they signed their registration form.
  1.  What if I accidentally use my spouse’s return envelope or vote my spouse’s ballot instead of my own?
This happens frequently.  Please contact the Clerk’s office at (719) 438-5421 so that we can help you with this issue.
  1. How can I get results on election night?
You can obtain election results at or call (719) 438-5421.


By Delisa Weeks
Kiowa County Clerk and Recorder

November 3 2015 Election Results

Colorado Open Record Requests (CORA)

PPursuant to C.R.S. 30-1-103 and 24-72-205 the Clerk’s office may charge for preparation and copies of requested document(s).
 Acceptance method: CORA requests are accepted by the Clerk’s office via fax or hard copy. Emailed CORA requests often enter junk mail boxes because they can come from unrecognized addresses. Or an employee may not have access to email within the 72 hour deadline to respond. It is in the requestor’s best interest to deliver it in a method or in more than one method so that any deputy clerk could pick it up, notify necessary personnel and begin the process.
 Delivery method: Documents are provided in paper or pdf format only. Documents provided under CORA are not provided in an editable format.  If a requester is not present within the county and inspection of the paper documents in person is burdensome, the clerk may mail, fax, ftp or email the documents.

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